Are You Under
Age 65? Are You Struggling With Memory-Related Problems And Don’t Know Why?

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar To You?

Are you middle-aged,  in your late 50’s or early 60’s?

Are you becoming more and more forgetful?

Do days and important dates seem to slip by?

Are you often misplacing or losing things?

Do you find yourself asking the same questions – a lot – over and over again?

Do family members and friends give you frequent reminders for all sorts of things?

Do you find yourself easily confused by things you used to do every day?

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you sometimes lose a thought in seconds and can’t recall what you were thinking?

Does it seem like your darn car keys have developed feet of their own and run off 

to different places where you can’t find them…even when you know you left them in a certain spot?!!

Do items you know you placed in one area, seem to show up some place else 

and you can’t remember how they got there…

and you’re convinced you put them where you could find them?

Have You Gone To See Doctors with These Problems, but They Never Give You Real Answers?

Do you feel like no one seems to be listening, especially the doctors…

…when  you know something is wrong with you?

Do you feel stressed and alone because you know something is wrong, even though you seem normal and natural to everyone around you?

If  you are experiencing any of these things that I’ve mentioned above, you’re not alone?

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When It Seems Like You’re Losing Your Mind
What Do You Do?

I’ve seen it before in a family member – my own mom.
I know exactly what ‘losing your mind’ looks like because I watched my mother deteriorate slowly…
…lose her ability to think
…to remember
…to work
…to communicate
…gradually forgetting who she was and forgetting everyone she ever knew.
Now I’m seeing some of those same symptoms in myself ….and it’s scary!


That is why I’m writing to you, today!

You don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to see to confirm what you suspect!

I know how you feel because neither did I!


Maybe,  you might be a lot like me or maybe know someone a lot like me!

 If you are or if you do, I’m here to help?


August 21st, 2018... A Doctor Told Me: “There Is No Cure.”

My name is Barbara Charles…

…and those were the most frightening words I’d ever heard in my life!

I think time stopped for a long while!

I was beyond horrified…because I felt my life, as I’ve knew it, was over!

Like I said…I watched my mother go through this!

I Had A Successful Life and I Loved It!

Sometime in 2014, , I had a suspicion that something was wrong with me.

I’d always been smart. I was a straight-A student since childhood.

I’d earned three (3) degrees: an Associate’ degree, a Bachelor’s, and

a Masters degree, all in Information Technology and  Quality Management.

I was able to juggle a thousand things at one time with no problems.

I was an exceptional professional in the workforce.

People always looked to me for leadership.

Working as an IT consultant, I caught on quickly and got things done with ease.

I was compensated pretty well, too!

Then slowly, I started noticing my ability to retain current information, to plan, and 

to think things out to a logical  conclusion, was off.

Things seemed to slip away, leaving me baffled and confused!

What The Heck Was Wrong With Me And Why Was I So Forgetful?

My short term memory was awful.

I would forget stuff quickly and was easily confused when presented with too much information.

I’d think of something I needed to do, but a few minutes later I’d forget.

I’d struggle to remember, but I just couldn’t grab my previous thought immediately!

It was extremely frustrating .  Old memories were intact but new information did not stick in my head!

Because my mother had Early Onset Alzheimer’s, I knew it was a possibility that I had the same thing, 

based on heredity.

In fact, my mom died from it.  It was a slow decline into awful forgetfulness!

It was the saddest and scariest thing I’d ever seen and I was deathly afraid of going through that!

Was It Just Natural Aging Or Was I Losing My Mind?

At 58, I figured I was too young to go through what my mom had, but I decided to get checked out and  find out what was going on.

When I told my friends, everyone thought I was worrying too much.

After all, we are all in the same age group, and we’re all struggling, at least a little bit, with our memories.

“It’s a part of the natural aging process” they said, but I needed confirmation that I didn’t have Alzheimer’s because of my family history.

No Doctor Could Help!

I went to my doctor, a General Practitioner in my quest searching for answers.  
Searching for truth!

She took my blood and ran all types of tests for vitamin deficiencies and things like Lyme’s disease
which can cause short term memory loss.
All tests came back normal.

She told me not to worry and that maybe I just wasn’t getting enough sleep.
Severe lack of sleep can cause memory loss.

Over a two year period I went to a Sleep Doctor, then a Psychologist,  and a Hypnotist, to name a few;
taking different medications and therapies!

None of them worked. Most of them made me feel drugged and/or sleepy during the day and
 I didn’t see any improvements with my sleep, memory, forgetfulness, and confusion.

Searching For Answers - Searching For Truth!

My memory and confusion continued to frustrate me daily.

I was becoming more afraid as it started to affect my job and if I couldn’t work, how could I survive and care for my family?

Eventually, I went to a neurologist who told me exactly what I’d feared!

I Was Finally Diagnosed With Early Onset Alzheimer’s

The neurologist, after various tests, told me exactly what I feared!!!

I had Early Onset Alzheimer’s!!!

Unfortunately, no one believed me in over 5 years!
I was devastated!

And now the neurologist said I had it!

I could have gotten medical help, right away, if I had been diagnosed earlier! 

But because I was too young for this disease, it was hard for people to accept that I was having Early Onset Alzheimer’s symptoms!

 But the truth of the matter is this: Early Onset Alzheimer’s can start from the early to late 50’s and sometimes late 40’s.

Early Onset Alzheimer’s or EOA is a rare form of dementia that strikes people younger than age 65 and only effects about 5% of the U.S. population.

That’s about 200,000 people in the U.S. are afflicted.

Right now (in 2019), I am 62 years old and I’ve lost of a lot of time looking for diagnosis.

My journey to find out what was wrong took approximately 5 years because no one believed me!!!

      Therein lies the problem!

Doctor after doctor refused to look for the real issue because I was too young by Alzheimer’s definition.
They didn’t help me in any way!

 Early Treatment for EOA is critical so getting medical treatment & proper resources to live productively 
without daily struggles is important to  our every day health and well-being!!!

If You’ve Got Memory Problems Here’s What You Can Do Right Now To Get Help!

My book, One More Thing, Before I Forget: A Resource Guide for Early Onset Alzheimer’s can provide resources and information for you or anyone to get a diagnosis or help for your loved one.

If you’ve got  Memory Problems…

You Can To Get Help Right Now?

My book,

One MoreThing Before I Forget: 

A Resource Guide For Early Onset Alzheimer’s

will provide those resources, help and information

 for you or a loved one!


 This book is a compilation of how to live well with Early Onset Alzheimer’s! 

 It includes medical and general living resources, doctors to see, clinical trial information, diets and medications

and much, much more to continue living a productive life for as long as you possibly can

It’s What I Wish I’d had 5 years ago!

It’s What I Wished I’d Had 5 Years Ago! 
Here’s What The Book Will Tell You

What Causes Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Tells you the actual physical changes and what happens in the brain to cause this disease. Understanding is everything.

  • Early Onset Alzheimer’s Symptoms: Signs and characteristics to look for so you can get an early diagnosis and get treated early to slow down the progression of the disease before its too late.

  • The Doctor Search Solution: Directs you where to look and what to look for when choosing a doctor so you can feel heard, feel safe, and come away from every appointment feeling empowered.

  • Medications That Help Ease or Slow Down Symptoms: List of current medications to discuss with your doctor that slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Understanding Brain Health and Brain Entertainment: Things you can do right away to keep your brain active and working.  Proven Fact:  The more you use it, the more you use it!  

  • Memory Care Centers: (Who They Are and What They Do)  The difference between Memory Care Centers, traditional nursing homes and other organizations that focus and specialize in early diagnosis and caring for patients with Alzheimer’s. (Not your typical nursing home.)

  • Natural Supplements to Improve Brain Health: Learn which natural supplements and diets can increase brain functionality and potentially increase cognitive ability.

  • How To Maintain Cognitive Functioning – Use Brain Entertainment and Learn:  How to Keep Your Brain Sharp. Things to do to help your mind stay sharp and functional.

  • Maintain or Increase Cognitive Ability  You can do this with exercise and diet.  Believe it or not!

  • Dealing With Stress and Fear.  How to deal with the anxiety caused by the disease.

  • Organizations that Help and Focus on Alzheimer’s: Learn which organizations in the U.S. can help you  with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Support.

  • Find Places For Possible Cures:  Federal Health Organizations and other places to go to find  information, treatment and clinical trials to participate in for cures.

If You Get This Book TODAY, You Will Learn How
To Slow Down This Disease &
Continue To Live A Productive Life!


Take a good look at me!

I have Early Onset Alzheimer’s and I’ve written this book. I’m still working, socializing and earning an income.

And although I still sometimes misplace things…now, I can easily retrace my steps and find what I need.

One Last Thing Before I Forget will tell you how to do the same….

You can still travel for leisure and be socially active – like me.

You don’t have to get lost anymore.

You can still cook, clean and take care of yourself and your family. I do. What I provide in the book will help you!

I don’t leave the house without locking the door, and I go where I want to go – when I want to go.

Many of these things I’ve mentioned above are serious issues that most people have to deal with when they struggle with Early Onset Alzheimer’s memory issues.

Find Out How To Live
Normally With Early Onset Alzheimer’s!

I know the strategies and resources I found work. In fact,  many people 

I share this information with, tell me they don’t believe I have this illness!!

This book contains everything you need to know from getting an early diagnosis to getting a jump on the disease

so you control how you live! 

Plus it will help you to:

Know what to look for,

Who to see for diagnosis,

What diet to implement,

And many other things you’ll learn if you suspect you are having memory problems.

I’m still leading a full life…after waiting for 5 years for a diagnosis!

And now you can get the help you need without having to wait as long as I did!

The sooner you have a medical diagnosis,

The faster you can get help, counseling, medicines, and medical advice.

Everything you need is in this book!

How To Get An Early Diagnosis Before It’s Too Late

Early Onset Alzheimer’s needs immediate attention.

If you suspect you or someone you love has these issues above…

…you will need the right doctors and preventative measures

to maintain a healthy brain for as long as you can.

Understanding what is happening is the first order of business!

Scoping skills is the second order of business!

Care & Relief is your third order of business!

Get Relief knowing that you can live with this condition

and not let it control you.

You can manage & control it!

Don’t let this valuable resource get away!!!



There is no other book like this with the resources and information that you need ALL in One Place!


You’ll know exactly where to go and who to see.

 You’ll know what  medications slow down the disease, what diets help you stay healthy and much, much more!

Learn About Brain Health, Supplements to health, Brain Entertainment. 

You will learn about various tools to keep you living a good, natural life!

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